Wheel Of Fortune: It used to be a better game show, now it’s a better life

Dan Hamilton
2 min readJun 9, 2023

To be honest, I’m not sure if that title is a great fit for the theme of this article but I like to put in Jerry Maguire references whenever possible. The point is that since I was a small child one of the biggest dreams of my life was to be on a game show. When I was in elementary school I used to read the world almanac and remember all the world capitals (remember how much time we used to have?) and every night at 530pm I would watch *Rockapella Voice* Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? *end voice*

One day I managed to look up online how to apply to this show. In response, I wrote what I’m sure is a more legible letter than this blog post, put on a postage stamp and walked my greyhound aplomb down to the mailbox and dropped it in. (That last part was just to explain to Gen Z how mail used to work). About a month later they responded that as much as my enthusiasm was greatly appreciated I had to be a resident of New York to be a contestant on that show. Well, let me tell you 30 years later this whole ordeal just happened to me… AGAIN!!

I subscribe to a fun newsletter that posts openings on reality shows and game shows called Backstage.


It posted that they were looking for contestants for Wheel Of Fortune. Finally! My dream could come true. So I went onto the site, filled out the form, however when I got to the section on state/province this happened…

AGHAST!! Once again I am denied my God-given right to appear on a game show. It will have to wait. I also once tried to apply for Supermarket Sweep however also they would not take Canadian entrants. Maybe I should study for Jeopardy, anyways look for my ongoing search for a game show appearance here on this blog and keep one eye open on tv.