Last night I ate a gingerbread house

Dan Hamilton
2 min readJun 9, 2023

I’ve always had this thing of eating in the middle of the night. I think starts from growing up amidst financial insecurity. Every night dinner was immaculately counted to get us through the week. If I made chicken breasts and perogies, I would make 0.5 for my mom, 0.5 for my brother(prob 7 at the time of this memory), 1 for my dad, 2 for me, 4 perogies for my mom and brother, 6 for my dad and 9 for me -> 23 perogies every time. Because of this, my favourite meal would always be lasagna because it was one of the meals that was all-you-can-eat although it never lasted the night.

Fun fact: you know how everyone has their birthday dinner? One year I asked for an all-you-can-eat corn-on-the-cob night and my mom thankfully refused me. I can’t digest corn, to begin with (most humans can’t digest grains -> yes its a grain) so that would’ve turned out very ugly. Instead, I went with my classic steak and perogies (spelling?).

Anyways, I think because of this I would always go to bed hungry and as a 6'3 230 lb male, I can eat quite a bit, especially growing up in high school.

Fun fact: One summer I grew 6 inches and 60 lbs and when I came back to school my best friend Greg gave me the nickname “Skyscraper”.

So as such I’d always wake up hungry in the middle of the night and go scavenging for food. This has led to such catastrophes as leaving my ex-girlfriend's fridge open (Sorry Maddy!) or some very messy drunk scavenges. Anyways this week I’m staying at my mom's house and I opened the fridge in the middle of this June night and there were leftover gingerbread slices from the xmas gingerbread house I ate 1.5 sideboards of gingerbread -> and it was delicious.