Health Habits Part 1 — Hang Time

Dan Hamilton
2 min readJun 9, 2023

I’ve been going through a bit of a health journey as I approach 39 however I’m in the best shape of my life while working a desk job 40 hours a week at this age. Health and Wellness I find are a giant N=1 experiment so these are just some ideas to experiment

Food: Up until this week (this week’s eating coming in an upcoming blog post) I was heavy into pork chops and potatoes. Or what I call the PoPo diet. 2 pounds of each every day. I usually did my first meal as 1 pork chop and I’d have just a plate of potatoes late. It really satisfied me and allowed me to stay away from snacking

Fun Fact: The only supplement I take is collagen and it helps with Vitamin D uptake for your tan. It also obviously helps with hair and nails

Walking 15000 steps a day. I like to get in 4–5k before 9 am. I have a dog so this helps, and I do a late walk. If you get 4 20-minute walks in a day this tends to get to that mark easily and one of those walks I try to make 40–45. I found a Dollarama which was a 10-minute walk away and would treat myself to a 50-cent chocolate bar as my reward.

Fun Fact: Dollarama is dog friendly.

The only two pieces of fitness equipment I have are a pull-up bar and one set of 25-pound dumbells. And for the pull-up bar I don’t do actual pullups generally -> I just do a lot of hanging. And while I hang I twist for the obliques, I engage my shoulders on and off, and I sometimes bring my knees up. It's the best shoulder and core workout you can do. For dumbbells, I tend to concentrate on arms and shoulder workouts as my walking is enough for the lower extremities. My latest workout is this link:

Because after all who doesn’t love big biceps and chest?

Fun Fact: Sunlight varies throughout the day, in the morning we have UV-A rays and in the afternoon we have UV-B rays. The UV-A rays tend to stimulate your receptors to allow you to have more tolerance for the stronger UV-B rays later. Remember it's not the sun that gives you cancer, its the sunburn!